Amidoinitrite? (Also, about the donation button.)

I have to say that running the same day that you've been intoxicated is just no fun... (More after the jump.)

It seems to drain energy or something... No fun at all.
Anyway, that's not the true point of this. The true point is to not really have a point, because if I did, I wouldn't be doinitrite (reference to the title if you're confused.)

I've decided to cut my hair, since it's getting too big to wear the Sig Sauer hat that I got yesterday from my local Gander Mountain (Think, sporting goods store) for signing up for a store card I'm not very likely to get, as I'm a guy who's pretty broke (More on that in a bit)... It's pretty sad that this is the only way I can have a nice hat... Anyway, I'm thinking of just cutting my hair with no guard, since the guards only work with the clippers that broke. I don't think it'll be a good look, but I know for a fact that it'll be low maintenance.

Oh yeah, I said I was going to elaborate on my being broke, and I think this is as good an opportunity as any to unveil my fancy donation button. I'm not really expecting anything to come from it, as times are a bit tough all around, I'm just putting it there because I can dream. Maybe I should tell you my story. I'm trying to get a real job (as in a real paycheck type job) in order to afford things without having to use a full three month layaway to make a $90 purchase (I have the rest of a month to get my $90 (total price) shotgun out). But in order to get to and from the job, I need a vehicle of some sort. I found a F150 for like $800 that just had cosmetic problems, sure major ones, but I'm not picky at this stage... The problem? How am I going to pull $800 together when I can barely pull together $90 in 3 months? Then think about liability insurance... I've quit smoking (to have more money.) I just couldn't get the $800, and it got sold. I'm really discouraged and frustrated so I'm (in a sense) whoring myself out to the internet. (Before you ask, the skittles and vodka were given by a friend in exchange for me making him a batch. It's really messy.)

I get money now by doing odd crap around here, but I hate it, and it doesn't pay much of anything.

I have thought of selling plasma, but there's the whole transportation issue, as it might as well be in another city, for all I can do. No buses (fairly rural place.) No walking (the closest store is a mom and pop type thing where my gun's at, but then it's over five miles to anywhere else.) I live with my parents, which is how I don't starve (I can't just get it from them, as they can't pull nonexistent money from their anuses either.)

I would love any donations (anything would help so much,) as well as spreading the word if you want on a stumbleupon/reddit/digg/whatever type site (There should be buttons on the right side)... I also welcome any advice, because I think that I'm just not seeing things in a proper perspective or from a right angle when I say that I feel hopeless. There has to be something other than petitioning the internet for charity... Actually, I value advice more than donations (although those would be cool too,) because then I feel less dirty. (charity/donations make me feel dirty.) and would feel better once I turn my situation around.
Anyway, thanks for reading my story. Sadly, it's true. I wish I was making this up.

Sorry for all the parentheses, I'm terrible at grammar right now, because thinking about this makes me feel terrible.

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  1. I feal for you! But alas, I have no cash and am in a similar predicament. But if I ever win the lotery I'll let you know!