Vodka is quite something.... More after the jump...

Ok, so... Have any of you ever had skittles vodka? If so, tell me how you did it, please. I did it with skittles blenders (the mango lemonade kind) and put about a quarter of full into the fuze bottle (Mango something also) I have and put a random bunch of skittles into it. It;s pretty good... I bought a liter of bartons and it's not bad.........................             pretty much, vodka is all the same, at least in my opinion. It's all rubbing alcohol anyway.

So, what kind of awesome things have you drank in your life? And for those of you too young, fuck you... I'm just kidding, I love you all the same... Moderately. (Thank Jebus for spellcheck)


  1. Never had skittles vodka. When ever you say jump is your post I think of Quantum Leap and them "leaping"!
    Well now I gotta go, its time to leap out of here!

  2. The way I see it, the Skittles only provide the color, the taste stays the same. And that's ok. I love my vodka tasteless. ;D

  3. @My Day In A Sentence It actually cuts the bite a good bit, and imparts a good light skittlesesque flavor. The Downside is that it's messy... Next time, I'll go with jolly ranchers... @Bersercules I always think of that too. Maybe the next leap will be the one home...