Hmm... Computers, huh?

Right now, I'm trying to see how hard it would be to put Windows on my CR-48. I had originally thought that it'd be funny to put OSX on it, but then I read about it not working 100% and even then, having to mess around with things to get it to work... More after the jump.

 I figure that I'm just too lazy to do with all that messing around.
Sometimes in this life, we have to see for ourselves and acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. I believe that it's just a part of growing up...

Anyway, back to my original point with this post.
I decided that Windows 7 would be nice to put on it, so I'm currently looking into how involved this dream would be. I've already gone through what is thought to be the hardest part, flashing the BIOS. It involves taking the damn bottom off of the chromebook, and backing up the original BIOS, which isn't really hard at all, just a bit tedious. Those damn small screws... Anyway, after you do that, you download the alternate BIOS, which has an interesting story behind it, but I'll get back to that in a minute. Then after all that, you just flash it. Simple really, just mainly typing stuff into the console that I read off of my other computer.
While I was in there, I tightened the screws on the lid that is messed up, not really fixing it, but making it seem like it'll last a little bit longer. Then I put it back together, and Voila, it's flashed. Now all I have to do is make a bootable USB install disk. That's where I am now, and I have to say that I'm very glad that I have access to all the great online resources out there on the internet. If I arbitrarily decide that it's too tough, I already know how to make an ubuntu USB disk that'll work. Alternatively, I can put Crunchbang on it, and have fun (I personally LOVE Crunchbang Linux.)

Since I mentioned it earlier in this post, I'll explain the story behind the different BIOS.
You see, the CR-48 was never sold, it was given out to people by Google, as a way to get people to beta test their as of then upcoming foray into the growing netbook market. It was unfinished, and I hopothesise that they had these made, but then realized that the OS wouldn't make it to a finished product on time, so they gave them away in order to get some great PR and some free bug finders... Anyway, one of these that they gave out ended up having Windows 7 on it, and instead of sending it back, he went to the forums, where they told him that he hit a gold mine. See, with his BIOS, and some knowhow, it's possible to put anything onto the cr-48, whereas with stock firmware, it isn't (the stock firmware was made custom to the laptop and OS.) So that's the little stroke of luck that is now enabling me to put another OS on it.

OK, so I'm done now with this post, as it's somewhat late, and I need to get back to it.

I leave you with a simple question, What OS are you running, and what do you think about it? Currently, I'm running XP since I'm too cheap to upgrade until the support stops. Most of the time, however, I'm rocking Ubuntu and ChromeOS...

As always, I welcome comments, and suggestions.
Also, I love feedback on how my writing is, and also on how my blog looks.
Thank you, and be safe my friends...
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  1. I do not know enough about computers to leave a good comment here.

  2. I'm running Win7. And, what can I say? It's a great OS! Like Vista, only it works. :D