Wow... (I need to stop using "also" so much)

OK, first I have to say sorry. I haven't posted in a few days due to procrastination, and the fact that It took me a couple of days to get this installation of Windows 7 feeling "right" if you know what I mean. More after the jump. (More Random stuff, I mean.)

I had to get up in the registry and alter some things, as well as doing other things to get some breathing room on the CR-48's small 16GB SSD (of which Windows 7 takes up a good chunk)... Anyway, that's over, and I have begun running to try to get in some semblance of shape (not just a round shape.) Also, today I went cruising the local private christian type college (where I go "run" at.) Today was freshman orientation, from what I could gather. It is quite humorous to see the incoming freshmen at this particular place, as it's a private christian type thing and the people have the look of a deer in headlights or something similar, as this is most likely their first day away from mommy and daddy's dear old purse strings. Anyway, this is all beside the point (of which there isn't really one.) Also, I have a shotgun on layaway, it's a single shot pardner. I have to say that I think I'll have a good bit of fun with it, as it's really simple and cheap. I'll be able to actually go and use it a lot and have fun, since I won't be babying it. Also, my friend put a Benelli Super Nova in layaway too, but I have full confidence that he'll fall victim to the previously mentioned babying of his gun, since it's nice and moderately costly to begin with. I've been thinking of cutting the barrel of mine down to .5 inches above the legal size, since that would make it even lighter and easier to maneuver in the house, should the need arise. What do you think?

Anyway, as I'm bringing this ramble-post to a close, I leave you with a question...

Would you modify the barrel (within legal limits, of course) or would you leave it as is?
Keep in mind that the legal minimum is 18 in. and it's 28 in....

As always, thank you for reading this, and I welcome any comments on my writing so I can improve, as well as anything firearm related for this post. Also, I'd like some suggestions on how to free up some space with Windows 7... I've done a good bit, but it's worth asking.

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  1. Interesting post, put the two things together and you get famous!