So, yeah...

Today's post is gonna be simple (Just a couple of questions)... But after the jump (gotta be tidy)

OK fellow humans, what's the coolest bit of technology do you own? It could be anything. Mine's my old Xbox 360. I've had it for almost 3 years, but *Knock on wood* it'll still play games and movies, and that is wonderful... Just recently, I put the movie Requiem for a Dream on a USB stick and it played awesomely... I love my 'ol 360.

Second question is what's the coolest software you have? I'm gonna cheat a bit and say all the stuff on my USB drive... I have a web browser, emulators for many systems, and the roms all on it... If you are wondering where to find good USB apps (browsers, etc.) then wonder no more. It really is quite awesome with their Menu...

Anyway, that's it... Just two simple questions. I truly am curious.

Thanks, and please leave a comment with your picks.

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